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Fabian Off Shoulder Top

new product off shoulder striped summer tops

 Ok so lets put stripes, off shoulder and trumpet arms all into one top! SAY WHAAAAT?
Yes, you heard right ALL the things you've always loved carefully diced together to make the perfect top for those summer days and nights!
Shop the Fabian Off Shoulder Top exclusively to New Zealand via our Shop now. Match them with our new Galaxy earrings to complete the look.
Ps this top is exclusive to New Zealand!
Love always N+P #TGIF
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Nami and Pascale New Zealand Fashion Influencer
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Serendipity Ave Hello Perry New Zealand
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Galaxy Earrings Shop Serendipity Ave
Striped off the shoulder Top Hello Perry New Zealand
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Nami Serendipity Ave Fashion Blogger
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Shop Serendipity Ave
Nami and Pascale Serendipity Ave Fashion Blogger
Nami Serendipity Ave Fashion Blogger EMBR Jewellery
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Nami and Pascale both wearing Fabian Off Shoulder Top and Galaxy Earrings via Shop Serendipity Ave.
Pics via smallgirlbloggin, Pinterest

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