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About us

about nami and pascale the founders of shop serendipity ave

Hey you there! Nice to meet you!

We are New Zealand best friends Nami and Pascale, creatives behind New Zealand fashion and street style blog Serendipity Ave.

We are an online boutique catering everything a woman desires, clothing, beauty products and fuss free affordable lux jewellery.

The concept of Shop Serendipity Ave came about from our love of fashion, lux items and being asked by you guys where you can buy what we were wearing in our blog posts. Since launching in October 2015, everything online has been trialled and approved by us, just for you #SerendipitySquad

Think of it like shopping by recommendation of someone you can trust.


P.S: Do you want to know a little secret? We listed pretty much all of our fashion possessions on our Instagram @shop.serendipity.ave to fund our store in the beginning.
3/4 of our wardrobes sold and with that, we made enough to buy our first lot of pieces and since then have never looked back.
If you have a spare moment, share your experience with us over on our Facebook page.

Love always Nami + Pascale